Areas of Interest

pictest      Our home.


Step off the treadmill. Turn off the alarms. Unplug the laptop and hide the cell phone in the luggage. Leave the highway behind and ease the pressure on the gas peddle. Travel along winding country roads lined with grassy meadows, overhanging trees, rambling wildflowers, and the occasional wild critter. Away from the stress. Away from the tedium. Away from the chaos. Six acres. Two ponds. Serenity.


Only the sound of wildlife going about their daily business interrupts the stillness. A porcupine munches on sweet mounds of clover. Robins converse scattered across the yard checking the earthworm inventory. A new beaver family splashes in the pond. Ducklings fearfully plunge for the first time into icy water following mother’s no-nonsense lead.


Ask for a room with views of the sunrise over the ponds. Wander the grounds with coffee and muffins still warm from the oven. Relax on the porch as the slow, rhythmic creak of the rocking chair tugs gently at tired eyelids. Gaze at stars uninterrupted by city lights. Listen as crickets welcome nightfall, their string section punctuated by the baritone croak of frogs from the ponds.


Wander down to the beach where you can stroll through the sand, skip rocks, look for shells, bring a picnic lunch, dip your toes in the cold surf or throw caution to the wind and go all in.


If you prefer a little more action in your day – venture out on scenic drives to see fall colors. Relax on Acadia National Park’s Sand Beach. Hike Acadia’s stunning landscape or sit back on a horse and carriage ride through the park. Bike Acadia’s beautiful old carriage roads while exploring its unique bridges. Try kayaking the ocean waters surrounding Mount Desert Island’s rocky cliffs or view Maine’s beautiful rolling mountains and rocky coastline from the sky.


Get up early and watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, the first point in the US touched by the sun’s rays. Stroll through Northwest Harbor’s elegant gardens. Wander the quaint streets of Bar Harbor lined with country stores, ice cream parlors, fudge shops and small pizzerias that beckon to the weary, hungry traveler. Join a boat trip to view whales and puffins. Take a sunset sail on the Margaret Todd or golf in the 8th oldest golf club in the country.


Even dreary days are idyllic. Wrap up in the warmth of blankets and choose from a plentitude of books and puzzles. As rain paints scenes on the windows. In the winter enjoy the stillness that snow brings. Ice skate on our pond and then enjoy hot chocolate and cookies while playing a game of scrabble or monopoly. Ski and snowshoe Acadia’s landscape, stark and beautiful under a blanket of snow.


Anytime of year, any weather, our home is open. Warm and cozy in the winter, bright and airy in the summer. Any time is a good time to visit. Any time is a good time to come and explore Maine’s beautiful coastline or watch the days drift lazily by.


Our home is your home.